URL Shortener

Create short link so you could put it easier into SMS, QR Code or any other place

Short links created using this service will produce a short URL (starting with https://2l.lv) and a second link that you could use to embed the QR Code.

Target URL:

Please enter the target URL:

Alternative way to use the link shortener, is to ask telegram bot @dmkibot. Passing the /url command with target link as parameter will create the short link for you.
Another way is to use the dialogue you can find in SoundWorks. The difference is that dialogue in SoundWorks will offer you significantly more options, such as link expiration date, redirection method, Captcha protection, age verification, PIN or password protection for redirection.

Important things to consider

  • Do not consider short links as private, unless they are protected by password. There are special robots that are brute-forcing shortener services and parsing target pages.

  • All links are checked for malware. The page is not visited, but verified against the lists of spam/malware domains. In that case your link won't live long. If shortener services don't check their links, they are banned themselves (like bit.ly).

  • Your links may disappear. That's true for all such services. Don't cut them in stone. Links generated using this page are guaranteed to live for at least 1 year.