Creativity and quality is our passion

Whether it's software, service or simple consulting, we strive for immaculate. We don't call it "solution" until it solves the problem the best way for the price.


We’re Better. Here’s Why…

We only solve cases that we find interesting. You can't fake the passion, and you can't feel it to just about anything. We feel the drive and capitalize on that feeling.

Industry Research

We keep a close eye on recent development in science and technology, to keep our tools and services relevant. The world constantly changes, and so are your needs.

User Experience

We believe in Big Green Button design. Solutions that wouldn't make you think or do your own research. It's like a brain behind a beautiful face - it should work perfectly, but stay hidden.

Web Development

This website speaks for itself. We take web development seriously, and use it as a lever to turn your problem into solution. Or something like that.

Digital Marketing

Even the best and most creative solutions fail, neglected by society. We believe, we know how to solve this.

Custom Software Development

Specific problems require custom solutions. The ones that take into consideration your criteria and work by your rules. We can do solutions of any complexity. The ones we can't, are done by NASA.


From spreadsheets to factories, from shift management to Helpdesk bots - we've done it all and proud of every bit of it. Our team expertise in this field is what powers some of the major brands around.


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Digital Strategy

Start your digital transformation with DMKI Lab

Our team helped companies, from startups to major brands, to migrate their processes into completely automated environments. Reliability of such process is unmatched, with cost rapidly covered by efficiency.

We don't preach for particular vendors and technologies, and only choose those, capable of doing their job in the most efficient way possible. Compatibility with existing solutions is second key element.

Advanced Analytics

In order to build great solution, all you have to do is to understand what needs to be done. To make it perfect, you should also understand why - what makes this business process tick, why people do it this way, and not differently. It's when you improve the core of this process, people start to call it genius.

Machine Learning
  • We employ machine learning to build convincing AI bots. But it's not a one time process - the world changes, and so is data. Our systems are built to last, and learn from the future as much, as they learned from the past.

  • A little known fact of machine learning is that it's expensive. We know the ways to cut down the costs of ownership and developing of such solutions. Others pretend they don't.

What Makes Us Different

We care.

One-stop Solutions

We focus on what your users need and what they can handle. The rest is technology.

Adding Features

Sometimes one step forward opens whole new horizons. And not all steps require an effort. Technology, chosen for another task, may offer something unexpected.

Design & Development

Are two different things, each requiring expertise, taste and style, and not often found together. We are one of those rare places.

Digital Transformation

Committed to top quality and results

  • Measurable results, well defined goals and top performance. That's how we begin each and every project.

  • Open, honest and direct approach - to clients and everyone else.

  • We consider it done, when all critics fall silent. The trickiest part is to satisfy the loudest of them - ourselves.


One Team Many Talents

We are based in Dublin, Republic of Ireland. Our team is small, but resourceful. With decades in software development, design, project management, we build the ladder of our professional growth with every new project.

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