An application that gives voice to your presentations and transcribes saved conversations.

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Clarity, Simplicity, Beauty

You get the best tools available for whatever speech-related task you have. New tools are added very frequently, and usability is as good as usefulness.


More productivity with less effort

You don't need to have a powerful computer, care about drivers, codecs, operating system or complex setup. The user interface is clean, responsive and forgiving. It's as far from puzzle, as you can get.

SoundWorks orchestrates the best tools on the market - from free and simple to state of the art and expensive - you get access to all of them. Our goal is to provide you with effortless taste plate of everything the Information Technology can offer, and to automate as many of your tasks, as physically possible.

Advanced Performance Made Easy

We leverage the distributed systems, that are powerful and smart - while many features can be performed locally, including complex AI analysis, most important and performance-hungry operations are cloud-based, and won't take your time or require any expensive setup. The simplest laptop will do just fine.

The Most Flexible Toolset
  • For everything voice-related, we strive to give you a choice. It can be free and local, expensive and cloud-based, or something in between - whatever it is, it will solve your problem at fraction of what it would take yesterday.

  • SoundWorks is kind of "one ring to rule them all", when it comes to various different, complex, and everything-but-the-same cloud solutions and offline tools, related to speech synthesis, recognition and media production. You don't need to study them, install or even register anywhere - you know what you need, and you press the button.


Discover powerful features to boost your productivity

Friendly Interface

We don't believe in fancy UI, but also don't overload it with confusing stuff. Whenever possible, we follow the "Big Green Button" paradigm - doing it right, without making you think about basics.

Peace of Mind

We ensure that data doesn't leave your computer, unless it's generated outside, we don't gather any "telemetry" or any personal data. In fact, even your relationship with cloud providers is anonymous.

Ever-Growing Features

New features are added every week, and existing ones are enhanced.

Powerful Options

Production, post-production, or just pricing, there is always something to tweak, and a place for a shortcut. You can fine tune your results, when needed.

Convert Media Files

You can produce audio, video and images in multiple formats, to suit the needs of whatever platform you create your media for. If we don't support something - just say it.

Layered Modular Design

We use tools on your machine, and in multiple clouds, when needed. For you, it's one system, while in reality it's whole orchestra of virtuous actors.


Work smarter with powerful features

  • Generate speech for your presentations, apps or even memes in various languages. Don't worry about system resources.

  • Very complex API of multiple platforms are at your disposal - no contracts, bills, registration and learning curve.

  • Smart offline features to help you in business and pleasure, without compromises.


It's Better With SoundWorks. Because...

It's ever evolving, free when possible, and fairly priced when not. It's trying to be the best and most useful tool for everyone - different people with different goals and budgets.

Smart Sharing

You can share your subscription with your employees, family and friends, by creating individual access codes.

Flexible Output

SoundWorks can produce, convert and merge data in various formats. Because you need it, that's why.

Cloud at its Best

Multi-layered architecture allows you to queue your tasks and continue working while other computers are busy giving shape to your ideas.

Manage Everything in One Place

There is a myriad of tools you will use to produce your perfect solution. Some of them you may not even want to know about. SoundWorks manages the intricate web of connections between various elements, and ensures they do their job properly.

Advanced Control and Privacy
  • Schedule your jobs to run when supercomputers are idle, or go full throtle at peak time.

  • Leave no digital footprint - your jobs are not traced back to you.

  • Tune your results to match your style, or let AI learn from your data, so that each day it would become more relevant to you.


Got Questions? Look Here

Some of them were answered before, take a look:

Is it free software?

Yes, SoundWorks is free. However, some features are not. That's due to the nature of those features and reliance on expensive infrastructure and ongoing scientific research. We DO provide free alternatives to paid features, SoundWorks includes free tools and functions inside, and soon we'll have free alternatives to ALL paid features, albeit we don't expect them to produce the same hiqh quality results.

Is it online tool?

It's "hybrid". SoundWorks provides many features offline, such as media encoding, preparing and generation, but some features rely on online services. Those are Translation, Speech Synthesis, Speech Recognition, and everything that is related to existing online services (e.g. YouTube related features are likely to contact YouTube).

What are the system requirements?

Any 64-bit Windows computer will do. Basically, Windows 7 and up. You will need internet for Speech Synthesis and other online features, but offline ones should work everywhere. For Windows 7, please install latest updates if setup fails. We will release separate setup package for 32-bit machines if there will be demand.

Is it Windows only?

Yes, at the moment. We will release versions for other operating systems, such as Android, Linux and MacOS, but there is no ETA yet, we have too much to do in this one.

What's the price?

SoundWorks is free. Some features are not, as they belong to other companies that charge for them. SoundWorks serves as single pre-paid account for all of them, so you don't have to register everywhere and care about multiple balances. However, the price of particular feature (e.g. speech synthesis) is separate and is displayed in process. You can work with SoundWorks without creating a pre-paid account, in that case some features will be unavailable, but not all. You can see more details about how licensing works, by clicking the FAQ section link below.
Soundworks Licensing

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Download for Windows

64-bit, current version